new bridge through art between HaparandaTornio

project info

HORIZONT creates a new bridge through art between HaparandaTornio

Horizont is a community art project in TornioHaparanda and builds bridges through art. The pandemic caused a rift between the residents of Tornio and Haparanda, and local youth workers were thinking how could this be solved. The solution was through art, and a joint project called Horizont was born.

The aim of the project is to create a dialogue between the young people of Haparanda and Tornio and the local inhabitants. Young people on both sides of the border can meet, plan and create art together. The dialogue is created from artworks in two parts, one part is created in Tornio and the other part in Haparanda. The project involves two buildings, Röyttantie 4, an apartment building in Tornio, Finland and Tornedalsskolan in Haparanda, Sweden.

Artists and groups will create art in June and July 2023, and after the artworks are completed, a two-part exhibition is held in both buildings in August and September 2023. During the exhibition the public gets the opportunity to paint over the artworks in virtual space. The art exhibition has therefore a “second layer” created by the public, which can be viewed with an AR application (Artificial reality i.e. augmented reality) through a smartphone in the exhibition space.

Project organisers

The organizers of the community art project Horizont are Tornio and Haparanda youth work and Haparanda public library. Our main partner is Pikene på Broen, a group of curators and producers from Kirkenes, Norway. Other co-operating groups are the association of education municipalities Lappi, Lapland AMK, community college SVEFI, Pohjantähtiopisto’s ’Creative magic’ project, VERKE the digital youth work institution of Finland, KUBN, Dokument press, Trancendent ry, Oulu street art ry, Kumina ry and organisations working with different youth groups.

Jan-Mikael Hakomäki, street art organizer from Tornio youth work.

Markku Lukkariniemi, Media and sound expert from Tornio youth work.

Christa Sjöberg, Art pedagog from Haparanda youth work.

Pia Tohveri, Librarian and anthropologist from Haparanda Public Library.

Kitta Kulju, project assistant from Torneå youth work.


Project Horizont is proudly funded by The Nordic Culture of Ministers.